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Feel free to experiment in a sandbox environment with physics to understand more about the real world! Your imagination is the limit!

Change the gravity? You can! What happens when a lighter object hits a heavier gas? You can find out!

Place particles with a brush and inspire others around you!

The simulation is based on the LAR algorithm - it's particle bassed and only the gravitational, attraction and repulsion forces are taken into account.  This means that all kinds of substances can be simulated, based on these parameters:

  • Attraction radius – the radius of influence of the attraction force
  • Count – how many particles using the brush creates at the yellow cursor
  • Attraction strength – the strength of the attraction force between  the particles
  • Repulsion radius – the radius of influence of the repulsion force
  • Repulsion strength – the strength of the repulsion force between the particles
  • Mass – the mass (“weight”) of each particle
  • Group – the group of the particle.
  • Partition checkbox – if the particle can be destroyed with the Explosion tool.
  • Gravity checkbox – if the particle can be affected by gravity.

Currently only physics experiments are supported and Java 8+ is required to run this project.

This project is still WIP, suggestions by the community might be implemented.

GitHub page - https://github.com/SimeonTheCoder/ParticleSimulator


build.zip 2 MB

Install instructions

Download the .zip file, then copy it to a directory of your choice and extract it. To execute the program, start the .jar file. Java 8+ is required in order for the application to run.


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